15 Jun 2011

Off the New Block

I'd like to say thank you to all those who took part in last nights New Phyrexia Game Day event. Also, congratulations to Gary for winning the event with his Phyrexian Mana deck.

As for myself, I ended up building two decks (one Mirran and one Phyrexian). The Phyrexian deck that I piloted came 3rd whilst my Mirran deck piloted by Matt came 4th so not too bad a result. Here are the lists:

Phyrexian Mono-Black Control

Swamps x 23

Fume Spitter x 4
Phyrexian Rager x 3
Phyrexian Obliterator x 3
Wurmcoil Engine x 1
Massacre Wurm x 1
Sheoldred, Whispering One x 1

Other Spells
Gitaxian Probe x 4
Despise x 4
Surgical Extraction x 3
Geth's Verdict x 4
Dismember x 4
Black Sun's Zenith x 2
Life's Finale x 1
Lashwrite x 2

Perilous Myr x 4
Phyrexian Revoker x 2
Entomber Exarch x 2
Act of Aggression x 2
Praetor's Grasp x 2
Gremlin Mine x 3

The deck performed well, only losing 2 rounds due to mana problems (and human error). Lots of creature removal meant that I could sit back until my finishers could come out.
Phyrexian Obliterator proved its worth as most times I was smacking my opponent for 5 damage rather than them block and having to sacrifice. In one game I managed to equip a lashwrithe to an Obliterator, making it an 11/11 with trample for having 6 swamps.

Sheoldred was also incredibly useful. Being able to return a Wurmcoil Engine from the graveyard is pretty sweet. I've heard of combos that sacrifice Wurmcoil with Birthing Pod to search up Sheoldred and get two 3/3 tokens. Next turn the Wurmcoil returns to the battlefield which is again sacrificed via Birthing Pod (producing 2 more tokens) except this time you search up Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. You now have four 5/5 wurm tokens and an 8/8 with swampwalk with an 8/8 ready to leap back out of your graveyard.

Mirran White/Red Tempered Steel

Contested Warzone x 2
Plains x 12
Mountain x 9

Memnite x 4
Signal Pest x 4
Etched Champion x 4
Indomitable Archangel x 2
Myr Battlesphere x 2

Other Spells
Origin Spellbomb x 4
Galvanic Blast x 4
Dispatch x 4
Glinthawk Idol x 4
Tempered Steel x 4
Sword of Feast and Famine x 1

Precursor Golem x 2
Indomitable Archangel x 2
Steel Hellkite x 2
Arc Trail x 3
Shatter x 2
Master's Call x 2
Koth of the Hammer x 2

From what I've heard from Matt the deck performed really well. Memnite and Signal Pest in the opening hand is an explosive start to a game. If I'd have had to chagne anything I would have put Koth in the main deck as he is a powerful planeswalker. A 4/4 mountain justs adds that extra punch to your pumped up artifacts.
Another thing for consideration is actually removing the Red. I watched one game where Matt had 2 Tempered Steel in his hand but only had mountains for mana. Making the deck mono-white might be better to resolve this problem. Another solution would be to use duel lands (such as Seachrome Coast) to provide more flexible mana.


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