11 Jun 2011

Something More Apocalyptic

In summary: Non-Tuesday sessions can be arranged here.

So, what was for most people, the first session, last Tuesday, may not have gone as well as anticipated. Five people, half of which didn't know what they were doing, the other half causing complete havoc over plastic flowers (yes, I realise five doesn't halve easily, but I'm quite sure Gary isn't a whole person anyway).

A few people joined me again Friday afternoon for another session, which turned out, for me, better than the Tuesday one. For anyone interested, I will happily do extra sessions on afternoons, if you just put up when you want, here, on the forum page, then if at least one other person can make the time, and of course I can make it, then we'll do it. I've decided not to have higher than three players (excluding myself), to make things run a bit smoother, and two players minimum (again, excluding me), as just me and a player wouldn't work too well.

Also, if any new players wish to join, please feel free to set up a time on the forum, or come on a Tuesday (not this coming one though), although lets not try to have too many new people joining in at once - it went well enough the first time.

Catboy, a.k.a. Nathan

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