27 Jun 2011

Blood Bowl League News Update

The second round of games in our bloodbowl league have now been completed, here is a brief summary of the highlights:

Ork team 'Kill em All' experienced some health issues, rumours suspect that the coach Colin 'Rotunda Ma Stompa' Capelin has been involved in a hostile take over bid from his players leaving him in need of urgent medical attention. With the team unlikely to make it match commitments they have been replaced in the league by fellow Orc team 'The Ankle Biters'.

The 'Ankle Biters' played there first match against the 'Beefy Babes'. The game started in an extremely aggressive manner with a player from each side dying in the opening few minutes.

Despite the aggressive play of the Orcs they eventually lost 3-1, some would say that the failure of the Orcs thrower to pick the ball up six 6 attempts prevented them from scoring a much needed second.

'Small Order' went from strength to strength scoring an impressive 3 in there game against the Axylotl 49ers who seemed completely outclassed and failed to score!

'Polo's Very Naughty Boys' failed to hurt any of the Dark Elves from the 'Naggaroth Starstealers' allowing them to break the Orc lines on three occasions. 'Rebe Darkdash' the stealer Witch Elf made the most of the breaks and scored an impressive 2 touch downs.'Mofar Longmork' made it 3 early in the second half, and despite an impressive 'cage' offensive the Orc team failed to score.

In the last game the 'Averland Avengers' took on 'Mike's Bunny Girls'. The avengers entered the games as strong favourites, but seemed slightly put off by the crowd (Kevin) and failed to take the advantage, the game finishing in a 2-2 draw!

After all the results were in, two teams we drawn on 6 points and on goal difference alone Small Order currently heads the leader board!

The draw for the next round looks like this:

Naggaroth Starstealers will play the Averland Avengers

Polo's Very Naughty Boys will play the Beefy Babes

Axylotl 49ers will play the Ankle Biters

Small Order will play Mike's Bunny Girls

All matches to be completed by Sunday 31st July 2011

Gary of Team Gambit

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