6 Jul 2011

Games Galore

Last night an Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet engaged a similar sized battle group of the Prussian Empire as part of a fleet exercise.

In what was a close fought encounter, the Empire of the Blazing Sun emerged victorious after destroying the Prussian flagship. The Prussians put up a good fight however, successfully boarding two Blazing Sun frigates and teleporting a bomber into the ether before it could drop its payload.

As this was the first game for both players, with only myself having read the rules, I'm sure there were a few things that could have been improved. On the whole, however, I feel the game went swimmingly (especially for the Prussians) and I look forward to my next encounter on the high seas.

John of Team Gambit

A great game from my point of view as well, teleporting the bomber with a flurry of six's was a definite high light for me! The game plays really well and once you start playing is quite easy to pick up - time for me to read the rules properly and start looking at my tactics now I know what the fleet can do!

It was a really busy Tuesday not just from the amount of people present, but also for the variety of games played, we had a 40k battle which saw the Blood Angles defeat the Eldar, a World War One game of Wings of War, A high scoring blood bowl game between the Norse and the Orcs, a great game of Zombies!!! with so many players that we needed two sets, several games of MTG (one of which seemed to never end and resulted in Stuart playing a second game at the same time!) and of course as already mentioned my first encounter of Dystopian Wars.

To top it all off, we welcomed two new faces - all in all a great night!

Gary of Team Gambit

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