11 Jul 2011

M2012 Pre-Release

A great tournament, and with 4 planeswalkers being opened, would it be Jace, Chandra or Gideon who would make the biggest impact on the days play?

After the first round Robert was the early front runner, and would put in a fine performance to remain in the top five all day!

Ryder had two great rounds and was sat in second place just before lunch, including beating the defending champion 2-0 in round one!

Round 3 saw the clash of the two Chandra decks with Nathan coming out on top winning 2-0, moving Gavin down to 5th place!

Round 4 and the longest game of the day 43 minutes!!! Charlie just managing to beat Josh in the final few minutes of the round! Before the final games of the day the standings were: Nathan, Robert, Ryder, Olly and Gavin!

In the last round the top 4 all played each other Nathan beating Ryder 2-0 and Olly also beating Robert 2-0, pushing him just outsdie the top 3.

The winner..... NATHAN. After playing 5 outstanding rounds with his Red/White Deck and losing only one game (to Robert in the 4th round!!!) scored a very impressive 15 points! Confirming his place as our top ranked player!

The final standings:

1. Nathan
2. Gavin
3. Olly
4. Robert
5. Ryder
6. Matt
7. Gary
8. Euphoric Badger
9. Nick
10. Sam W
11. Charlie
12. Sam B
13. Josh
14. David
15. Alex
16. Sara

Chandra was the planeswalker of the day featuring in both the top players decks, proving to be a very powerful card! Jace and Gideon will have to try harder at the Launch Party!

Nathan's winning deck:

8 Mountains
10 Plains

1 Crown of Empires
1 Druidic Satchel
1 Worldslayer
1 Assault Griffin
1 Auramancer
1 Benalish Veteran
1 Gideon's Lawkeeper
1 GriffinRider
2 Griffin Sentinel
1 Honour of the Pure
1 Oblivion Ring
1 Pacifism
1 Peregrine Griffin
2 Roc Egg
1 Siege Mastodon
1 Spirit Mantle
1 Stoneborn Dignitary
2 Stormfront Pegasus
1 Act of Treason
1 Blood Ogre
1 Bonebreaker Giant
1 Chandra, the Firebrand
1 Chandra's Outrage
1 Fling
1 Goblin Arsonist
1 GoblinBangchuckers
2 Lava Axe
1 Shock
1 Stormblood Berserker

To all that played, thanks for making it a great day, please let us know what you though and remeber to check out you position on our rankings page. The most notable improvements were Robert jumped from 30th to 21st, Ryder from 29th to 20th, Matt from37th to 30th, Charlie from 27th to 23rd and the only change in the top 10 was Gavin who entered at 10 after a great performance in this tournament.

Hopefully see some of you at the Launch Party (Tuesday 19th 7pm, at Kids Dreams)

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Great day! Pre-releases are still my favorite part of MTG. Although I tend to be too spread out with my deck colours. I just like the new cards too much.

  2. Anuttymous2:47 am

    It wasn't really Chandra that did the winning. It the mass amount of flying I managed to open!

  3. Sam B2:20 pm

    Just letting you know there were 5 planeswalkers because i got the 5th one (another Chandra) in the booster i was given at the end of the day, which i didn't open until i got home.
    I enjoyed myself and certainly did better than i thought i would, as well as getting some very nice cards.