26 Jul 2011

Night of the Vampires

What a great turn out for the recent MTG 2012 Launch Party, the event was held in the function room at the Whistlestop Inn, for which we are very grateful, as there generosity allowed us to hold a FREE entry tournament. The turnout was great with a total of 21 players of varying ages and abilities.

The tournament was a standard pre-constructed deck without sideboad. With M11 still legal in standard until the release of Innistrad, several players took the opportunity to use vampire themed decks, maybe the last time we will see 'Nighthawks' and 'Gatekeepers' in standard play. These deck all featured high in the eventual standings.

Nathan, our current top ranking player put in a strong performance again, with a quick, hard hitting red deck, featuring 'Grim Lavamancer' and 'Chandra's Pheonix' and although he won all of his games, so too did Mike's vampires and at the end of 4 rounds the result was:

1. Mike (12 points)
2. Nathan (12 points)

3. Gary (9 points)
4. Andrew (9 points)
5. Robert (9 points)
6. David (9 points)

7. Paddy (6 points)
8. Kevin (6 points)
9. Gavin (6 points)
10. Matthew (6 points)
11. The Badger (6 points)
12. Spence (6 points)
13. Natalie (6 points)
14. Theo (6 points)

15. James (3 points)
16. Henry (3 points)
17. Shah (3 points)
18. Nick (3 points)
19. Sara (3 points)
20. Sam (3 points)
21. Josh (3 points)

Although the tournament did not have a playoff for the overall winner, Nathan and Mike agreed that they would play against each other, which caused a great deal of interest amongst the other players!

The outcome....? Nathan 1, Mike 2 - So a great night for the Mike and his vampires, finishing undefeated!

The night went really well and my thanks go to everyone that played for making the evening such a fun event to put on! Look forward to seeing everyone again at Gameday in August!

In the junior event which was held on Wednesday, Josh put in an excellent performance to win every one of his games, pushing him up the ranks to a respectable 17th. The top 5 placing were as follows:

1. Josh (12 points)
2. Oliver (6 points)
3. Charlie (6 points)
4. Jaye (3 points)
5. Jasper (3 points)

Well done also to Jaye and Jasper, who were new members to the Young Guns club turning up for the first time and walking straight in to a tournament without any time to prepare there decks.
Anyone interested in attending any Young Guns events over the summer should pop in to Kids Dreams for more details.

Gary of Team Gambit
PS Remember to check your new rankings!!!

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