30 Jul 2011

Sunday Special - Kune

A quick post about the Kune prerelease tomorrow (Sunday). Might be a bit late to post it, but whatever.

There are very limited places (12 places), it would seem, so if you're not entirely sure you want to join, then please step back to let others who really do want to. Also, if you're late (except Nick, who's already given a good reason and plenty of enthusiasm) then it's unlikely you'll be joining. So, try to get there early, if you do want to join.

Remember, the price is £12.50 (no discounts for Gambit Gamers, sorry), however you will still have to pay the entry fee (£1.50 or £3.00). People will be required to bring their own sleeves, or buy some, as the Kune cards will be on paper, and therefore easy to cheat with. If you can bring spare cards (land, for example) to back the Kune cards in the sleeves that'd be useful too.

Finally, due partially to my insolence, I've not given myself enough time for previews on the MSE site, and thus I'm going to put a full spoiler of all the cards here. For those that would like to continue seeing the previews, please click the link that is the title of this post.

Link for the full Kune spoiler, in PDF


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