2 Aug 2011

Blood Bowl News Update

The third round is now complete, and 'The Small Order' have still to concede a touchdown!!!

The results were:

Small Order 4 Mikes Girls 0

Beefy Babes 4 Polos Very Naughty Boys 2

Naggorath Starstealers 3 Averland Avengers 0

Axylotl 49ers 2 Ankle Biters 0

The 'Averland Avengers' and 'Naggorath Starstealer' both played very aggressive games, and tried to make every single chance in to a potential touchdown. The ball travel from one end of the pitch to other, several times and where as the Humans had very little luck the gods smiled on the dark elves and they eventually won 3-0.

Both 'Small Order' and 'Beefy Babes' won their games again scoring an impressive 4 touchdowns each and are drawn on 9 points! 'Small Order' have the advantage on goal diffference however and remain at the top of the leader board!

Next Round:

Ankle biters will play Averland Avengers

Small Order will play Beefy Babes

Mikes Girls will play Polos Very Naughty Boys

Naggorath Starstealers will play Axylotl 49ers

With the top two team playing each other we should have an outright leader at the end of this round of play!

All games to be played by Sunday 28th August!

Gary of Team Gambit

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  1. Colin7:03 pm

    I do hope the campaign runs through to the 1750 TV area, with 1-3 skills per player. Its only fair to see the teams that shine at the higher TV have their time - otherwise the wood elves will never get fielded!