31 Jul 2011

Gambit Games Club Day 31st July 2011

Baz here, reporting live from the hall.

Today we have various games going on, plus a Magic Tournament being run by Nathan, who has arranged this tournament by designing the cards and mechanics himself, which has sold out.

Washington and I had our Bloodbowl game and after a nervous first half where the Ankle Biters (Orcs) nearly got into the end zone, the Axylotl 49ers (Lizardmen) in the end managed to put two touchdowns in the second half and win.

Again the club day has bought new members into the fold, playing Magic, 40K, Fantasy, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine, The Old West and the Star Wars Card Game.

Just a reminder we have a Warhammer Fantasy Tournament on the 28th August, 4 games, 2000pts, £10 per ticket before 14th August and £15 afterwards. Speak to Gary at Kids Dreams or contact Barry or Gary at Kidsdreams@sky.com or inferno150@sky.com for further details.

Keep It Real

Team Gambit

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