26 Oct 2011

Innistrad League

Last night was the third round of the Innistrad League! This week, the effect of the moon was that all players drew 8 cards and there hand size was also increased to 8, last week all creatures had +1/+0. The current standings are as follows (the score in each round a shown and the total). There will be an overall winner at the end and an average score winner for players that have played at least 3 rounds). The player rankings will not be updated until the end of the six weeks.

9th, Sara on 6 points (-/-/6)
8th, Nathan on 7 points (-/7/-)
7th Nick on 12 points (-/6/6)
6th Will on 14 points (9/1/4) ave 4.67
4th Robert on 15 points (6/3/6) ave 5
and Gary also on 15 points (9/-/6)
2nd Olly on 18 points (6/-/12)
and Josh also on 18 points (9/9/-)

CURRENTLY FIRST...... Theo on 20 points (6/6/7) ave 6.67

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