19 Oct 2011

Innistrad Updates

Sorry everyone, I have been really busy opening our second store (events coming soon) and have not had time to update everyone on the results of the recent Innistrad events.

So first off there was the prerelease, we had 24 players, a really great event with a real mix of ages and abilities. The atmosphere was brilliant and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

There were some really close games, and we even saw Josh play the 'parallel lives' and 'Army of the Damned' combo, producing 26 2/2 zombies and resulting in an immediate conceed! The tournament was really close all day with the leader changing every round and with at least 5 possible winners going in to the last game.

Lots of new faces as well, which was great!

The final result was:
24, Katie Hills
23, Theo Jordan
22, Charlie Giles
21, Sara Naves
20, Joel Franey(First Gambit Event
19, Josh Montgomery
18, Euphoric Badger
17, Gareth Moreton
16, Sam White
15, Henry Hebron
14, Robert Hills
13, Gavin Scott
12, Jack Hayward
11, Matt Heinrich
10, Nick Lewis
9, John Herring
8, Ryder Broadbent Smith
7, Andrew Broomfield(First Gambit Event!)
6, Gary Wareham(First Gambit Event!)
5, Olly James
4, Nathan Minter
3, David Saunders
2, Massimo Furlotti(First Gambit Event!)

and FIRST PLACE : Matt Chaplin (First Gambit Event!)

Next was Launch Party. This was a standard tournament, our first since the Eldrazi block and M11 finished. The turnout was good and several players had made some interesting decks, zombies, humans and zampires all featured. David put in a strong performance throughout the night, winning all of his rounds and only losing one game. He actually completed a 2/0 victory in the final round in under 4 minutes!!! Well done to David on his first tournament win, moving him upto second place in the rankings. The final placings were

16, Aaron Lee
15, Jack Hayward
14, Matt Heinrich
13, Nick Lewis
12, Scott Pitman
11, Gary Cambell-Smith
10, Theo Jordan
9, Robert Williams
8, Olly James
7, Richard Coley
6, Nathan Minter
5, Euphoric Badger
4, James Haddow
3, Robert Hills
2, John Herring

and FIRST PLACE : David Saunders

Finally we have the Innistrad League, this is being played every Tuesday night for 6 weeks, players buy booster a week, building decks from a base of 1 to 6 boosters depending on the week being played. Players can enter any week, or miss out any weeks, as long as they have purchased the right amount of boosters. In addition the moon will have an effect in some weeks players will have 25 life, in other weeks all creatures will have haste!

In the first week three players were all tied on 9 points, Will, Josh and myself! Games were all quite close and everyone was using cards that they would not normally use, creature heavy boosters seemed to perfomr the best in this opening format. The moon had no effect in this opening week.

Gary of Team Gambit

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