30 Nov 2011


4 Birds of Paradise, 3 Cards are Pondered, 2 of the same Legend (oh no!) and a Cat Boy with a response

As the winter nights are drawing in, it's cold out and the wind is blowing. The League is falling down and we're getting some new faces though our hallowed halls. Sounds like it's time to resurrect the...

Oh yes, here we go again. The format is my own creation, a format thought up to include everyone, however much Magic you own, standard, legacy... it doesn't matter. It's name is ' The Fantasy Booster'.
The idea is based loosely on the booster bash idea; Buy a booster, add 3 land of each basic type, shuffle and play, except this time you decide exactly what cards make up your booster.
These cards can be from any set, pre-made deck or expansion you wish. Maybe 1 from Worldwake, 1 Eldrazi, 1 Scars, 1 M11, 1 Alara Reborn, 1 Morningtide, 1 Original Mirrodin, 1 Ravnica etc.
Your limitations are the amount of cards from each rarity. A normal booster will include 10 Commons, 3 Uncommons and 1 Rare/Mythic Rare
You may also include 1 Shiny card of any rarity, but only 1. If you have a Shiny Garruk, Primal Hunter, he may only be your Shiny card, he may not take the position of the Mythic.

With the release of Innistrad, we have a slight conundrum on what to do with Transform cards within this format. I have decided that if you wish to include any transform cards it should follow the restrictions of an Innistrad booster, in which a double sided (transformer) card would take one of the 10 common spots, it may be any rarity.

So to conclude the concept; 3 of each basic land (there is land for loan at Kids Dreams) 10 Commons (or 9 and a Transformer of any rarity), 3 Uncommons, 1 Rare/Mythic Rare and 1 additional shiny card from any rarity if you wish, this is an optional extra.

The date for this event will be Tuesday the 13th of December at Kids Dreams, Boundary Road Hove. It is a free to attend event and all (adults) are welcome to participate. Prizes will be addressed between now and then :D

So, idea over now for some....ideas

I've been concocting this idea for quite some time now and have come up with a few hints and tips that could address any problems or indeed help to fuel your own 'Fantasy Booster'.

1- I am planning on staying clear of any card that costs 3 or more of any specific colour. As land is going to be such a mix, it will be hard to cast any such cards.

2- If point one is ignored I will include at least 1 Terramorphic Expanse, Panorama or Evolving wild(s), to help fix my mana issue.

3- I will not be making a Booster entirely within one colour, unless I am including one of the above mana helping lands.

4- As land is going to make up a vast percentage of the eventual deck I may include cards with 'Landfall' effects. I may as well use the land for something.

5- 'Phyrexian Mana'. If the appropriate land is not available, life can be.

6- Colourless spells, anything that is not colour specific will be so much easier to cast.

Well I think that's everything I need to say. I'll be posting this on the forums and on the facebook, so if there are any thoughts feel free to blurt them out in either or indeed this direction.

Once more I've been Olly for GGUK
Happy Brewing

(p.s I've done a pretty thorough job of linking to appropriate pages, so if any links don't work please let me know. They are meant to show all exactly what I'm talking about.)


  1. This is a much harder challenge than I originally thought, after trying some basic ideas with great cards that go well together, I have found that mana becomes a problem, as you only have 3 of each! Really looking forward to this one!

  2. With the Shiny cards: Does it have to be a shiny found in a booster or are cards from premium decks and from the vault allowed?

  3. Hey Nick, Yep your allowed any of those shinys. Also promos that are shiny. If it's shiny it will fall into the shiny card category ;D

  4. very annoyed. On Tuesday I was at London Bridge Station at 4pm set to get home by 6pm, pick up my fantasy booster, and head to KD.

    unfortunately someone decided they didn't want to see the New Year in and all trains were stopped for a number of hours. i finally got home at 10.30 :(

    for what it was worth my fantasy booster was made up from 9th Edition, white borders including lands (except the shiney), and even included a sideboard. Probably not the strongest deck everbut I was looking forward to using cards i have not played before.

    hopefully someone will have kept their fantasy booster deck to at least give mine a play.