30 Nov 2011

Dystopian Updatian

So, It's been awhile since Dystopian Wars swept our club, much has happened and many fleets bought and created, but I've been checking the Spartan Games (makers of Dystopian Wars) Blog and found some interesting new releases and indeed a release schedule.

Check these out...
(Clicking on the Images will make them bigger)

Those are the Large Flyer's for all the current factions (FSA, KOB, PRUS, EOTBS, COA).
Next are all of the Gunships (and the Covenants Armoured Cruisers)

But wait are they not releasing anything else for the land fleets...
How about a giant spider that fires Drones? Or a tank that has a train station on top of it?

Or a big slug with an iron cross?

(Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield, Brunel Mobile Airfield and the Seydlitz Class Mobile Airfield.)

I hope that's got some pallets sufficiently wettened, if not how about the fact they'll get to you this quickly...

Large Flyer's
Covenant of Antarctica Armoured Blisters (Large Walker, Medium Walker, Small Tank Bases)
Covenant of Antarctica Time Dilation Orb (Waterlined Version)

Mobile Airfields
2 x Fleet Carriers (Empire of the Blazing Sun & Prussian Empire)
3 x Sky Fortresses (Kingdom of Britannia, Covenant of Antarctica & Federated States of America)

I know I'm going to be swapping folding money for resin pretty soon, but for now, I've been Olly for GGUK

P.s Just a quick note but head to the Kids Dreams website to pre-order/enquire :D

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