17 Nov 2011

Friday Night Magic!!!

We will now be running Friday Night Magic!!!!

These will be running alternate weeks at Shoreham and Hove, starting with Shoreham on Friday 25th November from 6pm until 9pm! This will be a standard tournament, with prize cards! The following week will be in Hove starting at 7pm, also standard! Each week will be either a standard, modern, 2 headed giant or sealed event! The first event in each location will be free, and then £2 entry after that! Hope that some of you can attend! Let me know if you are planning to come! Hoping to discuss what format people want to play in the coming weeks to these so if you cant attend please let me know which format you prefer!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Robbie3:07 pm

    Sounds great!
    I like the idea of play different formats, i'd better get a modern deck together.
    will the first couple be standard?

  2. First few will be standard, I am thinking modern on 23rd December at Shoreham and again on 30th at Hove