31 Dec 2011

MTG 2011 Final Rankings

Many thanks to all the MTG players who have entered our many tournaments, deck building challenges and leagues through out 2011. In all there have been 27 events were players could earn points. We have had an impressive 75 players in total, some only playing in one event others playing in almost all of them (Nathan coming in with the most attendances - 25 in all!) Point are awarded for any competitive format from FNM's to Prereleases. The more you play the more points you will get, the higher you finish the higher you will be placed in the rankings, your overall score is also improved by having a high average score, so consistently being the top half will make a difference! Most players average between 6 and 9 points per tournament, the highest average score this year, playing at least 3 events was Olly with an impressive 10.36.

The rankings will be reset for 2012, so anyone could be at the top. Remember the best way to get points is at the weekly FNM's. We will maintain an all time record as well with the top ten featuring on the rankings page!

Full rankings for 2011 can be found on the rankings page and will remain there until the end of January, here is the top ten places for 2011:

10, Andrew Haddow, points 56.4 average 9.40
9, Theo Jordan, points 57.1 average 7.14
8, Michael Pike, points 72.0 average 9.00
7, Robert Hills, points 132.9 average 8.86
6, Nick Lewis, points 136.6 average 7.59
5, Gary Cambell-Smith 148.4 average 7.42
4, John Herring, 150 points average 10.00
3, Olly James, 155.4 points average 10.36
2, David Sanders, 157.5 points average 7.50
and finally....
1, Nathan Minter, 248.6 points average 9.56

The top ten will shortly receive an invite to the Gambit 2011 Grand Tournament, which will be held in January and will cover several different formats! Who will be the 2011 ultimate champion?

Once again thanks for making all the events a pleasure to organise, Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to many more great games in 2012!

Gary of Team Gambit

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  1. Ooo Grand Tournament! Sounds good to me.
    Are the current rankings being saved with all the points breakdown etc? As I'd like to have a look over some of the other rankings and how it all stacked up in the end.