15 Jan 2012


... from le' globe Dystopia'. After following a bit of a tip off from a man I over heard talking about Dystopian Wars whilst I was in my local hobby stockist (Kids Dreams), I stumbled over some spoilers that Spartan Games had released (but not through their normal blog, strange?), anyway...

As always if you click on the images they'll appear bigger.

I hope thats got you all a little excited, if you want more about the french nation in Dystopian Wars here is their back story.

Vive le France, Olly for GGUK


  1. Nice spot. I like the look of the Voltaire. Be interested to see how their anti-gravity units work

  2. Who is going to buy ..... th French though? Seems to me the best way of not selling anything - Brilliant models, but they're French....oommph

    1. Ha, you may have a point. I think they would do better if you were allowed to take small amounts of some of your allies, for example a majority prussian force with a couple of French battleships (that also can fly) with maybe a squad of japanese frigates?