19 Jan 2012

The Grand Master!

We held our first Magic the Gathering Grand Tournament on Saturday 14th January at the Whistlestop Inn in Station Road, Hove - and firstly a big thank you to Duncan and his team for allowing us to use the function room!

The tournament was for the top ten players of 2011, and although Nathan was to top ranked player for the year, we wanted an event to finish the season that covered various forms of magic and would give us an overall winner for 2011!

Two of the top players, John and Andrew were unfortunately unable to attend on the evening so that left 8!

We played 5 rounds in total involving modern, standard and casual formats as well as a mutli player game and sealed draft!

After a great night of play the final scores were: (there is a slight change to those given on the night, sorry I missed a couple of points!!!)

8th Adam
7th Mike
6th Nick
5th Olly
4th Theo
3rd Nathan
2nd Robert

and the top place went to David, a great performance across all formats - well done to our 2011 Grand Master!

There will be a top ten tournament again next year, so make sure you get as many points as possible! Points are awarded for all competitive MTG play including FNM! Last years standings have now been removed from the site, but the top 5 (all time) will still be displayed along with this years performance!

A great way to get things started is the prerelease events that are being held on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January!

Gary of Team Gambit

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