9 Jan 2012

Dark Ascension Pre Release

Oh yes, once more into the random booster based fray at Saint Leonards Church Hall, Glebe Villas, Hove.

As per usual players will receive 6 boosters. As it's the second in the block, players will receive 3 Innistrad and 3 brand new Dark Ascension boosters.
Players will then be given 40 mins to make a 40 card minimum deck from whatever goodies they open.

Players will also receive a foil alternate art Ravenous Demon.

Tickets will cost £20 and can be purchased at either Kid's Dreams stores or online.

Command the Night

In addition to the prerelease being held on Sunday, there will also be a small event on the Saturday at our Shoreham store, this will be held during the day whilst we are open so is limited to 12 players! Tickets are on sale now for both events and are issued on a first come basis, so make sure you get you ticket soon!

 Booster boxes will also be available for pre-order! (Booster boxes ordered on the day will receive a special promo foil card and will have their boxes ready for the day of launch!)

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