28 Jan 2012

Dark Ascension Prerelease Shoreham

The dark ascension has been played in Shoreham. Our first ever prerelease event in our new store is now over!

4 Players were assigned as a werewolf (Nick), vampire (Max), spirit (James) and zombie (Richard) with the aim of converting the remaining 6 human players!

Round One looked like this: (1 werewolf, 1 vampire, 1 spirit, 1 zombie)
Will 1 v Jon 2
Nathan 2 v Adam 0
Roy 0 v Nick 2
Sam 1 v Max 1
James 0 v Richard 2

Round Two looked like this: (2 werewolves, 1 vampire, 1 spirit, 1 zombie)
Nick 1 v Jon 1
Sam 2 v Roy 0
James 0 v Max 2
Will 1 v Adam 1
Nathan 2 v Richard 0
The first planeswalker entered play this round, Sam managed to play Sorin Lord of Innistrad and pretty much dominated the game with it!

Leader after two rounds was Nathan, followed closely by Max!

Round Three looked like this: (2 werewolves, 1 vampire, 1 spirit, 1 zombie)
Adam 2 v James 0
Sam 2 v Richard 0
Nathan 2 v Nick 1
Max v Jon
Will 2 v Roy 0
Will having reviewed his strategy during the lunch break comes back with a more aggressive deck and wins 2-0
Adam after drawing only mountains, mulligans to 4 cards! only to find that he then needed that mountain!
Richard played a morbid Tragic Slip just to get an extra tick on his achievement card!
Nathan uses the combination of Thraben Doomsayer and Champion of the Parish to great effect against Nick to win 2-1
Jon moves to second place behind Nathan!

Round Four looked like this: (2 werewolves, 1 vampire, 1 spirit, 1 zombie)
James 2 v Roy 0
Nathan 2 v Jon 1
Sam 0 v Nick 2
Max 0 v Will 2
Adam 2 v Richard 1
Nathan plays a turn five Angelic Overseer with humans in play to dominate early and win the first game!
After successfully fending off a vampire, spirit and zombie Sam finally falls to a werewolf and joins the family!
After making major changes to his deck by removing twelve cards James makes good use of Altar of the Lost and wins inside of twenty minutes (the quickest game of the day!)
Richard comes back in his second game to win unexpectedly with Feral Ridgewolf levelling at one all!

Round Five looked like this: (3 werewolves, 1 vampire, 1 spirit, 1 zombie)
Nick 0 v Adam 2
Will 2 v Richard 0
Sam 0 v Nathan 2
Max 2 v Roy 0
James 0 v Jon 2
Max plays forest after forest in his first game, but all he needs is a mountain, which he eventually finds and once he starts to cast spells wins the game!
In response to Nicks question 'I can't survive this, can I?' Adam triumphantly replies 'No you can't beast!' and halts the onslaught of the werewolves!
Richard becomes the only player to use all five colours of mana during the event!

Going into the final round Nathan still leads followed by Will, Jon and Adam all on ten points!

Round Six looked like this: (3 werewolves, 1 vampire, 1 spirit, 1 zombie)
Richard 2 v Roy 1
Nick 2 v Max 0
Jon 0 v Adam 2
Will 1 v Nathan 1
Sam 0 v James 2
Richards does well in his last game thanks to Drogskol Reaver!
Adam beats his friend in the final round to take away the second place! Adams cards of the day were Cobbled Wings, Strangleroot Geist, Hunger of the Howlpack and Increasing Devotion!

Thanks to everyone that played today! A great day of gaming with the final result being:

Ticket Raffle Winners Richard and Sam

Achievement Card Winners Nathan and Richard with 19 in total!

Top Monster : Nick (warewolf)

10, Roy
9, James
8, Richard
7, Max
6, Sam
5, Nick
4, Jon
3, Will
2, Adam

and the WINNER : Nathan with an impressive 16 points! (Ranking points will be updated after tomorrows event!)

Gary of Team Gambit

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  1. Liking the running commentary. Wish I could have been there. Glad that someone got a Sorin and made good use of it!