29 Jan 2012

Dark Ascension Hove

The Dark Ascension Prerelease in Hove was a great success! We had 20 players in total, as per the previous event some random players have been chosen to be vampires, werewolves, zombies and spirits; today however the event started with 2 of each!
Round One 
Nathan true to his name of 'cat boy' plays a Black Cat and gives it hexproof!
Ryan becomes the first human casualty of the day becoming a spirit after Daves wins 2-0
Olly defends against zombie Gareth forcing him to concede after milling Sorin and Moonveil Dragon from a Trepanation Blade
Ryder also becomes a spirit, losing to John 2-0 who actually won the game with spirit creatures!
Cats continue to do well Adam does damage with a 5-2 white cat! (How strange a badger using a cat to attack his enemy!)
Gary becomes a zombie, losing 2-0 to Mike (the third human to fall)

Round Two (2 werewolves, 2 vampires, 4 spirits, 3 zombies, 9 Humans)
Nathan wins his first round in 6 minutes!
Charlie starts with no land, chances his luck, but unfortunately loses the first round to Ryan.
Olly spends too long looking for the forest that he needed and John pulls level at 1 all!
Josh and Richard become the next humans to fall, both becoming zombies!
Gareth plays Sorin Lord of Innistrad in the last minute to try and win the game!

Round Three (2 werewolves, 2 vampires, 4 spirits, 5 zombies, 7 Humans)
David is the current leader very closely followed by Robert and Mike!
David has Stromkirk Captain, Havengul Lich and Falkenrath Aristocrat in play in round one against Mike.
Ryder win quickly 2-0 making up for the quick defeat in the last round!
Gary claims the latest zombie converting Matt after a 2-0 victory!
The humans seem to be holding on this round both Andrew and Mass win against monsters!
Gareth thinks about conceding before holding on to a 1-1 result!
Another zombie is created as Philip is beaten by Josh 2-0

Top ten before lunch are: David, Robert, Mass, Andrew, Mike, Nathan, Ryan, Gary, Olly and John!

Round Four (2 werewolves, 2 vampires, 4 spirits, 7 zombies, 5 Humans)
David get an early win thanks to an unblockable Falkenrath Marauders! (could we have another Spirit in the making?)
Robert finally falls to a spirit and the humans become 4!
Andrew beats Mass 2-0 and moves into second place!

Round Five is now being played! (2 werewolves, 2 vampires, 5 spirits, 7 zombies, 4 Humans)
The undying mechanic is proving very powerful along side the morbid triggers and Strangleroot Geist is one of the most used cards of the day (a green create with haste!)
And then there were 3, another human becomes a spirit; Andrew loses 2-0 to David!
Olly does 14 damage with Ambush Viper to Mass in their first game, as he gets stuck on 2 mountains!
Gareth beats Ryder 2-0 breaking his run of bad luck!
At first there was the Zombie Cat and now we have a zombie badger! (Adam loses to Gary becoming the latest human to fall!)

Going into the last round David remains at the top closely followed by Mike and Robert!

Round Six is now being played! (2 werewolves, 2 vampires, 6 spirits, 8 zombies, 2 Humans)
David beats Olly 2-0 in a very closely fought battle, converting one of the last remaining humans to a spirit!
Gary wins the very last game of the event in great style preventing all combat damage with Clinging Mists and then attacking to kill of Ryan and claim his place in the top 5!

The final standings were:

20, Katie
19, Ryder
18, Gareth
17, Charlie
16, Richard
15, Mathew
14, Philip
13, John
12, Adam
11, Josh ( the top place under 16!)
10, Nick
9, Ryan
8, Massimo
7, Andrew
6, Olly
5, Gary
4, Nathan
3, Robert
2, Mike

and the winner, who did not lose a game all day .... David!

Zombies were the dominant race and earned Mike and Gareth a promo card and the only remaining human was Mass also winning a card!

Two free boosters were given out to the winning ticket raffle going to Josh and Ryder!

The day was great fun and Dave was a deserving winner!

Gary of Team Gambit

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