29 Jan 2012

Gambit Sunday!

This Sunday is the first of our regular gaming Sundays (always the last Sunday of the month)

Today we have had great attendance, not only have we had 20 players for our Dark Ascension Prerelease, but many other games including Necromunda, Dystopian Wars, Warhammer and 40K have all been played! We even had a couple of games of Uno!

Total attendance was an impressive 46 players in total, with a variance in ages of about 40 years; from 8 and up!

There was a full scale apocalypse battle 10,000 points each side!!! Tyranids, Chaos Marines, Traitor Guard and Traitor Tau against Orks and Chaos Marines!

The eventual winner of the prerelease was David Sanders, and in the evening we had 8 players competing in a draft event!

Gary of Gambit Games

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