29 Feb 2012

Axis and Allies Turn Four: I have known War

"I have known war as few men now living know it. It's very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a means of settling international disputes." - Douglas MacArthur

At the beginning of 1945, The Russians produced two tanks, two artillery and four infantry units. Determined as ever, the Red Army advances into Belorussia and the Balkans. Both territories are captured and the Soviets gain control of a German anti-aircraft gun that moved up the previous turn.
Soviet infantry then moves up to reinforce the British garrison in Leningrad.
They then marshal two tanks and an artillery in the Caucasus with the infantry and final artillery piece in Russia.  

"The Pope. how many divisions has he got?": the Russians are within striking distance of Rome
The Germans then purchase four tanks and send units out of Germany and Southern Europe to reclaim the Balkans whilst a strike from Eastern Europe brings Belorussia back under German control.

"Strength lies not in defence but in attack": the Wehrmacht counter attacks in Eastern Europe
At the start of their turn, Britain invests in a fighter, a bomber and two tanks.
The Empire and its Commonwealth then take Libya with troops sent from the Middle East. An amphibious assault fails in New Guinea whilst two British Shermans are repelled from Manchuria after engaging four Japanese infantry. In Europe, an RAF raid wipes out all but one German fighter in Paris.
A Royal Navy fleet then moves into Sea Zone 37 to blockade the East Indies.

The soft underbelly of the Axis: British troops head into the Mediterranean
Japan then purchases three tanks, one infantry and a bomber. It uses its remaining air power to sink the British transport that unloaded troops at New Guinea in Sea Zone 47. Emperor Lewis then blitzes a lone tank through the Russian territory of Kazakh S.S.R and the British territory of Persia.

The United States finally gets a technological breakthrough in the form of heavy bombers. This technology allows bombers to roll two dice when they make an attack but not on defence. Having acquired this powerful research, the U.S. buys a bomber, transport and infantry unit.
Two American bombers then launch from the U.K. to bomb four German tanks in Belorussia. Both bombers were shot down but all four tanks were destroyed leaving the territory open for Russian exploitation.

1945 ends but the war does not. It will take one more year of sacrifice and strife before the world can be at peace again.

John, Supreme Allied Commander    

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