29 Feb 2012

Dark Ascension Game Day

We held two Game Day events for the Dark Ascension block, one in Hove and one in Shoreham. Many thanks to all that attended both days, making them great fun to organise and play in!

The results from Saturday were:

Richard 3 points
James 3 points
Jonathan 4 points
Nathan 5 points
Adam 6 points
Katie 6 points
Gary 9 points
James M 10 points
Robert 11 points

and the winner .... Adam 13 points

and the Tuesday night in Hove finished as follows:

Richard 0 points
Dom 3 points
David 3 points
John 4 points
Will 4 points
Robert W. 4 points
Mark 6 points
Nathan 6 points
Gary 6 points
Nick 7 points
Olly 8 points
Steve 9 points
Carl 9 points

and the winner .... Robert 12 points

Congratulations to Adam and Robert! For winning the main event on Tuesday Robert is now the proud owner of a special 'Champion' Game Day play mat!

These results have been added to the current player ranking, so have a look to see where you are this year!

Gary of Team Gambit