10 Feb 2012

Dark Ascension League

The league is has begun in Shoreham, we had 5 players to the first one all with different tribal decks!

Devils, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and Human were all there to start the battle to find the most dominant race on Innistrad!

Humans came out on top this week, winning all there games! The tribal scores after the first week are:

Humans 12 points (which makes Robert the top player in the league so far)
Devils 9 points
Zombies 6 points
Vampires 3 points
Werewolves 0 points

Players are welcome to change there decks between events and even change tribes!

For the next league there are some static conditions which will be all players can draw an extra card in the draw step and players have no hand size!

Players a free to join at any week and do not have to play every event (there will be 6 in total!)

Look forward to seeing some other tribes at the next one to see if in keeping with Dark Ascension, that the humans are finding things increasingly difficult!

Gary of Team Gambit

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