11 Feb 2012

Today we have officially had our first ranked 40k game of the year! We played a 1500 point, three player battle! Aaron brought along his Chaos led by a demon prince, Scott, the Eldar under the command of the legendary Eldrad Ulthran and I fielded my Necrons for the first time since the rules change!

Each army deployed, with an objective to hold and another one to be fought for in the middle of the battle field!

After a brutal battle lasting nearly five hours the Necrons just held onto their own objective and with the other three all being contested won the game 1-0-0!

Casualties were high on all sides, and the Necrons would have lost a lot more had they not kept on re-animating! The monolith proved to be a very powerful weapon, the portal of exile successfully exiled Eldrad holding him a temporal prison from which there could be no escape! It was shot at several times and only penetrated once which unfortunately resulted in a massive explosion seriously slowing the Necron assault on the central objective!

The Dire avengers fought extremely hard holding the Necron in close combat for what seemed like an eternity the last remaining avenger finally unable to fight back in the very last turn, allowing the Necron warriors to return and hold their own objective and effectively win the game! The jet bikes denied the Chaos of their home objective with a typically Eldar tactic of turbo boosting on to contest at the very last moment!

For me my best unit was the C'tan Shard, the Pyreshards managed to claim several Eldar casualties including a whole unit of Banshee's, however the best unit of the day was the quite simply awesome Blood Slaughterer, it cut through a Necron lord, Farseer and C'tan as if they were not there, without taking a scratch!

A great game which I really enjoyed! Nice also to see the basement in use on a Saturday as we also had some players in to play some MTG at one of the other tables!

If anyone wants to use one of our tables at Hove or the demonstration table at Shoreham to play some ranked or casual games please let me know! As only one ranked game has been played it should be quite easy to reach the top ranked places in a very short time!

Gary of Team Gambit

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