24 Mar 2012

Blood Bowl the Card Game

Today in Kids Dreams (Shoreham) we have had a first look at the Blood Bowl Card Game. Its been something that I have wanted to play since the club purchased a copy before Christmas; so James Bourne and myself decided to have a basic two player game to see how it worked.

The first impression when you open the box if WOW!!!... as there is a lot of bits in the box, however the rule book looks quite small so it can't be that complicated.

Sorting through the cards and working out what is what takes a bit of time and you definitely need some space.

After trying to read through the rule book from cover to cover before playing, I gave up after the fourth page and decided to play the game as we worked out the rules.

The game is for 2 to 4 players and will become more complicated with more players but equally will become much more fun! The game is designed to last a set amount of turns which represent a week in the blood bowl season. Each team manager tries to get the most fan factor by the end of the season, which is always finished with the blood bowl cup! We got quite a lot wrong as we played but it began to make much more sense by the time we had finished.

A lot of the mechanics are similar to the original game including the use of blocking dice, which really helps the overall feel!

After the game was finished James won with a fan factor of 34 to my 30. We have decided to play again, maybe at this weekends game day,  this time with more players as we think we have got the basic rules worked out and it should play quite smoothly.

Its definitely a game worth playing and I look forward to seeing how the tactics develope as we become more familiar with the rules!

Gary of Team Gambit

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