26 Mar 2012

The Round up of March's Club Day

I want to start by firstly thanking all those who came down, I had the most fun gaming I think I've had in a long time. My own personal highlight was... hmm, I'll come to that in order, I think. Just a quick point this post is very long, you may need to click on it's title to view the full thing.

So, in as much of an order as I can remember...
This was the hall at the break of dawn on Sunday, with the first demo already underway.

Redakai is a brand new game and with regular attenders already playing a few different card games it is already creating waves, (or at least multiple stax'). Gary posted a preview video a few days back, it includes some basics and technical bits of the game.

Closely followed by what I have now named the 'Battle of the Bald' (although Paul right, didn't actually take part, Colin did, it is still mostly accurate). It was 40k, Michael Russell with Chaos v. Michael Pike and Colin Capelin's combined Imperial Guard and Space Wolves force. It was an objective based game, objectives in this instance are gambling chips.


As promised Aaron and myself were demoing Necromunda. Plonked in a pretty much central table, it was hard to not know that this was happening. Below are pictures from the first game.

My leader shooting Aarons
Heavy off a building, this sparked a
trend that would feature *cough* heavily
through out the rest of the day.
Baz' back providing sufficient contrast
to pick out the charging heavy
and juve on the open gantry

Another victim tries out Redakai.

Once more Scott n' Pete are found in a game of 40k, this time however the once allied factions of Eldar and traitor Ultramarines are at each others throats over the Mars-esque landing platform and knacked neighbouring structure. Coins on the table have doubled as objective markers and dinner money.

Another month and still the
Dreadnought has not learnt to use it's legs!
It wasn't long before Magic the Gathering happened and on the next table the Blood Bowl Card Game got an airing.


The third 40k game of the day featured Baz an Paul Given. It was a clash of marine legions in an all out annihilation game.


Necromunda again, and this time a doubles game hit it off, Sam White and Josh Montgomery took on Aaron and Nick Lewis.

It didn't start off amazingly well for the team of Sam n' Josh, with both heavies jamming their guns and some... not great dice rolls.

But when their leader entered the fray, dice rolls reversed for both teams and Aaron and Nick eventually failed their leadership test and had to flee, making Sam and Josh the victors.

Back to the boardgames table, and this time a Zombie infestation was breaking out. It of course was Zombies, the tile laying game of running to safety and trying to stitch up your fellow humans. Zombies is a bit of a favourite of the club and this game featured pretty much Zombie novices, who all enjoyed their experience.


Once more back into the under hive, were we find Aaron teaching a complete first time war gamer, Glen. At the end of the day it seemed asthough Glen thoroughly enjoyed his experience and with a smiling face said 'I'll see you next month then?', yes you will mate, we'll be there.

Fantasy also saw an outing, Simon and his Tomb Kings were taking on Paul V's Chaos. Lots of fool proof plans were about to be tested on both sides, it wasn't going to end well for someone on the muddied temple board.


We also tried out another new game for us, Star Trek Hero Clix. Members have played different versions of the 'Clix' format before, myself playing Halo Clix. Anyone interested in taking up this game, have a check at Kids Dreams, as they have a few copies of the started set in stock (their online store isn't really up and running, go to the shop).


The Next picture is of a bit of a purchase for the club. In the future we are intending on playing more Mordheim and Pirates. These modular buildings are going to provide a chunk of our required scenery.

A couple of the guys took over the village board with Anima, it's not something I've personally played before but from talking to them it sounds like it could be quite interesting. It takes a lot of it's ideas from Japanese anime.


A further spot of Magic the Gathering and Redakai.

Back to 40k and the red dust planet boards. This time we find a horde of chaos trying to claim the landing pad. Unfortunately for TJ he messed up some crucial rolls at the start and the majority of his force did not arrive, he did try to give them a good *cough* licking.

Underground car park of the 41st milenia

On the trench boards we find our youngest player of the day, Jake Cambell-Smith learning some basic 40k form his old man.

Back to the under hive once more, this time a 1 v 1 v 1 free for all was in full swing. Unfortunately at this point in the day my camera batteries were on their last legs and I wasn't able to capture to much more. I did manage to get this little gem. Sam had tried to grenade a man a top a near by building, but instead it missed and bounced down onto Aarons leader. This was my highlight of the day. All players including Aaron were in hysterics, was very funny to watch.

Once more we find ourselves on the dusty red moon with a battle between Grey Knights and Ultramarines, I'm not sure what the significance of this location is, but so many races are via for it. Both armies seem to be borrowing quite a mass from the machine god, this battle should be a good one.


As the evening drew in the 40k results started coming through, the under hive grew quiet, I played Redakai, and some Warmachine tutorials started happening on the desert boards.


I think that's about all the old memory bank is giving me about the day, if there is anything else anyone wants to add feel free to stick something in the comments, on Facebook or drop us an email.

If you missed it and want a better chance of getting to the next one why not join our mailing list and we'll give you a heads up nearer the time.

So from me, I've been Olly for Team Gambit :D

P.s MTGers don't forget the next club day is also the Avacyn Prerelease, tickets are going on sale soon. Everyone else, don't worry there will be plenty of space in the hall and lots of tables for your continued enjoyment :D


  1. I have to agree with you that this was the most fun club day yet! Can't wait till next month's.

    1. Yes, a great day all round and even though I was out for a couple hours (trying to keep up with my kids as they did the sport relief mile) I still managed to play Redakai, MTG, 40K, Blood Bowl Card Game, Star Trek Hero Clix and War Machine!!!!

  2. Hmmm, I've just found that half of the post has been removed, not entirely sure why, but it's fairly annoying

  3. Looked like a fun day. Roll on April pre-release!

  4. Ok, I think I've got it sorted, I'll check back later and see if it's all still here. Stupid blogger.