16 Mar 2012

The End of the League

Yesterday we held the last event for the Dark Ascension League. All land produced an extra mana this week, which the games much quicker. It was a format that really favoured the Devils allowing them to score an impressive 18 points!

The final standings for the individual players are:

Robert 67 points
Nathan 54 points
Gary 47 points
James 47 points
Richard 36 points
Adam 30 points
Nick 10 points
Darren 9 points
Roy 6 points
Olly 3 points

The race that ends this event as the dominant species on the plane of Innistrad is ..... SPIRITS, six points in front of werewolves. The finals scores for the tribes is as follows:

Spirits 63
Werewolves 57
Humans 56
Devils 42
Vampires 36
Zombies 30

Thanks to everyone that played in the fun format, it was great to see lots of different deck ideas and tribes being used each week. Keep checking the blog for the next event!

The rankings page will be updated on Saturday after this weeks FNM which is in Shoreham and is LEGACY! Hope to see you there!

Gary of Team Gambit

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