19 Mar 2012

Range updates from Kids Dreams

Just thought I would let everyone now the current situation with Flames of War. We are due to receive our first delivery in April, which is a bit later than planned and therefore not going to be in time for the coming games weekend! I will let you know when the stock arrives and when we plan to do our first demo's of the game system.

Other ranges that are due in are:

REDAKAI, which is a brand new trading card game which looks set to be popular with both older and younger gamers. Have a look at the tutorial video below for some of the basic mechanics.

The stock is due at the end of this week so hopefully we will have some demo's planned for this weekend!

STAR TREK, HERO CLIX, we have already had some starter sets for this and are expecting the boosters soon! It plays the same as the other Heroclix, so if you have played before it will not take long to learn!

We will have a demo version out on display this weekend! So why not have a try its a really simple game to play!

CARDFIGHT VANGUARD, This is due in a couple of weeks, and we do not know much about it yet, more details when we have them!

If anyone wants any more info then let me know!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

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  1. The guys in the video don't do much for the games image, gives us a bit of work to do I guess