30 Mar 2012

Flying In

The Spartan Games shop has new small fighter class units for each of the currently existing factions. There are no stats for the majority of these models as of yet but I thought I'd post the images anyway:
Firstly, the CoA small flyers as they are the only ones we have the rules for, (thought I'd post the rulings aswell).
The CoA has opted for a large amount of firepower on these small flyers

Early reports say the Merlin is a fast and merciless interceptor
Jagers are able to hunt down targets wherever they may be hiding
These robots are armed with rapid fire machine guns
Initial reports state that Tetsubos are armed with gas weaponry

The Republique of France A5 rulebook is also available for purchase. Any aspiring French commodore should get this intel quickly.

I'll post more information about these new units when it becomes available. Until then, hope to see you on the battlefield.

John of Team Gambit

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