1 Apr 2012

Spartans Games Mystery

This morning I found a strange email in my inbox. Anyone signed up to the Spartan Games mailing list would've found this. It simply read, 'They're Coming...' with this picture...

What this means I do not know, is it Uncharted Seas? Firestorm Armada? Dystopian Wars?
My initial response is that the colour palette is Firestorm Armada but you don't need walking units in space. Maybe it is part of the future mercenaries release for Dystopian or another of the fabled factions?

It could also just be an April fools, who knows. 

I can't wait to find out,

Olly, for Gambit Games

1 comment:

  1. Looks very much like War of the Worlds.
    If it isn't an April Fool there are theories flying around that an alien race is coming to reclaim the vault. Hopefully they'll destroy the Covenant for stealing their tech ;)