21 Mar 2012

The Plan for March Club Day

Hey All,

Olly here on behalf of the team to let you know what is in store for this coming weekend, (Sunday 25th).

As per usual we'll be opening up at bout 9.30am, obviously if your a little early, your more than welcome to come in and have a Tea or Coffee whilst the hall gets sorted. Some new information has been uploaded on how to get to us, for all potential new comers have a gander here.

First things first, Baz should be floating around to greet people on arrival and letting everyone now whats happening on each table. Crucially pay your entry money to him.

In the kitchen this month, we are welcoming back long suffering gambit chef Len. We've also revised the menu, so have a think about food you want for lunch, if you order and pay for it up front you stand a greatly improved chance of getting what and when you want it.

On the middle table, from open till around lunch time, Aaron and Myself are going to be demonstrating Necromunda. It's a very straight forward game based in the under-hive of a hive city of the 40,000 universe. You field a gang of men/ women, anywhere from 3-15ish models so the outgoings on the game are slim. If you haven't played it or not picked it up in a long time come and have a go. The idea of the demo is that people can come to the table and take control of some of the models, participate for as long as they want and then go and play something else. There is a fledgling ranked list for this years campaign so if you like the game you could be on board and heading for the top of the chart pretty quickly. Necromunda has some planned events coming up this year so Sunday as the perfect time to get the lowdown before it's to late.

Gary and the Young Guns have started up a campaign in 40k, he's posted a couple of reports on it already, here and here, so anyone 12-17yrs is more than welcome to join in on that this Sunday.

For Adults in the 40k or even Warhammer fantasy universe's there isn't anything specific planned. We are aware that some of our number are planning on hitting the Games Workshop Grand Prix this year so no doubt some will want practise, with this in mind, tables and scenery will be available. Obviously this space is also open for people that just want to play some of their ranked games or just some casual games. 

On the 40k thread still, Colin will not be running Dark Heresy this Sunday. Apologies to all that wished to continue with that, he is looking for some 40k doubles practice.

Dystopian Wars now, nothing set in stone, but a few slightly wayward members have said that they are endeavouring to attend, so fleet commanders may end up against some different/ new opponents.

At some point during the day, Nick Lewis n’ Gary C-S are going to be learning the ins and outs of Warmachine. This is a prime time for people to get involved in the game, or to just see what the deal is. I for one am looking forward to see quite whats going on in War Machine, looks quite interesting as an outsider.

On the card tables this weekend we've got the usual mix of Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. As always there will be a mix of ages and abilities, possibilities for trade and not to mention formats. MTG players have been bringing Commander Decks to the last couple of months so that's a safe bet. Myself, I'm looking for some casual Planechase 1v 1, there will probably be some standard and legacy, casual etc.. On the Pokemon front, once more, some trading will no doubt be available as well as casual and standard formats. Don't forget that for Pokemon players, any games count towards your league score cards, so this could be your opportunity to work for an extra promo or even get a badge. As an added bonus the card tables will feature a demo of a brand new card game called Redakai. Players wanting to know more about that, give either myself or Gary a nudge and we'll give you some example games.

The boardgame stack this month will be manned by gambit veteran Robert Williams. He has selected 'Zombies' as his boardgame of choice this month, he's chomping at the bit to get some games of that going. Anyone interested in that nudge him during the day. It's 2-5 players I believe so a few of us can join in.

Don't forget that I'll be around taking pictures and making notes about the day, so make sure to tell me or Barry whats happening, any exciting events in games, any note worthy happenings, anything you just want to brag about, make sure it gets on the write up of the day. This is what made it online last month.

If your desperate for a specific game of something Facebook and the Forum (and obviously comment on this post), are available for people to send feelers out and plan games.

Last note, stock from Kids Dreams will be there, so if there is anything you are after let the staff of the shop know between now and then and they'll have a go at getting it for you for that Sunday.

Think that's pretty much it. Hope that all made some sense and I'll see you at the weekend,

Olly of Team Gambit :D


  1. Great job Olly! Really looking forward to it!

  2. Ditto. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this Sunday.