21 Mar 2012

Young Guns League Update

At our Young Guns club this week we have started a series of small 40K battles which will form a small campaign to gain control of a small part of the 40K universe. The battles were all fought using forces of 500 points per army with a single objective to claim.

In the first battles the Dark Eldar fought the Ultramarines but neither side was able to secure the objective at the end of 5 turns but will each earn themselves 10 points which will eventually allow for reinforcements when they have accrued enough points. The Imperial Guard fought a very organised battle that saw them claim a sector of the map against the Eldar and a valuable 30 points. Finally the Tau fought hard to slow a quick moving Tyranid force but was unlucky in its shooting and lost a sector to the xenos.

Next week we should see the arrival or more forces such as the Necrons, Chaos Marines and possibly more Eldar and Ultra Marine Armies.

All the games played this week very close and all the players really entered into the spirit of the event. More updates will follow and games will eventually build up into bigger battles and more complex missions.

Gary of Team Gambit

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