28 Mar 2012

Young Guns - The War Continues!

This week the Eldar clashed with the Dark Eldar, the Tau tried to gun down the Ultra Marines and the Imperial Guard needed to prevent the hoards of the Tyranids. Games were again all set at 500 points and objective based.

The Imperial Guard fought bravely and although lost several men in close combat, the volume of fire power managed to prevent the main body of the Tyranid force getting close enough. The final result was that both armies held their objectives and the game was a draw!

The Tau had changed their force favouring battle suits and this proved to be a good tactical choice and the Ultra Marines were kept off the objective. The Marines assault was heroic but they simply could not deal with the range of the Tau weaponry and lost the game!

The quickest battle and the one with the most casualties was the Eldar and Dark Eldar battle. In the opening turns both armies lost their transport choices and needed to approach the objective on foot. The Dark Eldar came under extremely heavy fire from very early on and without the feel no pain had no chance of survival. Despite heavy early losses the Dark Eldar regrouped well and managed to control the Eldar Assault. In the final turn the objective was still unclaimed and in a final advance the Dire Avengers managed force the remaining Dark Eldar to fall back! At the end of the game there were on 6 Eldar models left, but they had claimed their first win of the campaign!

Next week is half term so the club will run from 10am until 4pm. With more time to play the battles may become a bit bigger! It is rumoured that a large Necron force has been sighted on a sight of great strategical importance, it is likely that all forces will be keen to claim this sector, and already the various forces are preparing forces to investigate!

More update to follow soon!

Gary of Team Gambit

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