25 Apr 2012

Aprils Club Day Plan

This Month's plan is slightly more open ended due to one big thing 'Avacyn Restored'. This is the next big release in the Magic the Gathering calender and it's promising to be a go one. It will be a large tournament that will definitely take up the card tables so if you are looking for Pokemon, Redakai or Cardfight! Vangaurd, this may not be the best month, although we can probably fit you in somewhere.

Although MTG is going to be taking over the card side of the hall there will still be plenty of room for miniatures and board games (we'll make sure of it). As I previously said we haven't got anything set in concrete for these sides of the club, however a brief trawl of our Facebook group has revealed a couple of nice plans from regulars and new comers alike.

Firstly, there are a couple of players looking for big Warhammer Fantasy Games, so if you have a fantasy army this could be a good time to bring that particular case.

Secondly, regular gamer Paul Moss, has said that he will be bringing along a mass collection of multi-player games of fun, which could be a bit of a laugh. Also the awesome collection of club board games will be present and available to everyone. Paul has also said he's broken the champagne on his F.S.A fleet (Dystopian Wars), so they're leaving harbour for battle if anyone fancy's a game of that.

Another brief mention, Warhammer 40,000 players may wish to use this day to bone-up on there skills, just a hint, not saying anymore. Watch this space.

Demo's are on hold this month as we're running the tournament in it's place, but we do have some nice ones planned for the coming months. Having said that as soon as I finish the tournament I'm gonna be looking to play some different bits and bobs, so if anyone is looking for a game of Zombies/ Catan/ Uno/ Redakai... I'll be more than happy to teach you.

We're splitting up who is going to be reporting this month, so anyone with any interesting stories or brag-able moments, (Sam's fluke grenade onto Aaron's leader) should seek out a member of the team who'll make a note of it. I will try and endeavour to make the rounds and take pictures of as much as I am able.

Before I leave you a quick note from the staff at Kids Dreams, Tickets for the Avacyn Prerelease are still on sale, there will also be a 'draft' afterwards, this will cost £7.50 for those that want to play and will consist of the all important new Avacyn Restored cards.

Once more I've been Olly and this has been your update.

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  1. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Cool looking forward to fielding my new tau army to try and prove they can win a game