26 Apr 2012

Gambit on Tour

Last weekend saw several of the Gambit Team taking some time to visit two of the biggest gaming venues of the year. Whilst Dave and Nick tried their hand in the MTG Grand Prix in Manchester (more info about this soon hopefully from the guys) several other members of the club travelled to Salute 2012.

As you can see from the picture we were amongst the first to arrive having set off at about 6:30am. A massive thank you to the Station Cafe and Sam's dad for laying on the bacon rolls and coffee as this was a great way to start the day! Another big cup of coffee when we got there to ensure that we were all awake and ready for all that Salute could offer, although some were more awake than others!

Once inside the first point of call was Flames of War! (World War II gaming with 15mm miniatures)

The new Achtung! starter
set for Flames of War
For me it was an opportunity to meet with the guys from battlefront and discuss a range to put into Kids Dreams, as well as try out a new game! For everyone else it was a chance to blow things up with tanks!

Flames of Wars looks set to be a popular game and with the new box set Achtung! being launched it offers a really great way to start with the system! We played some basic games and all really enjoyed it, for me though the highlight was ..... the first casualty in the first game of Flames of War between Gambit players going to me, made so much sweeter as the casualty was one of Barry's tanks! Not to be childish ..... but 1-0!!!!

Then it was a case of where to start? There were so many gaming companies and miniatures available. Time to split up and go and see what could be found! One of the most impressive gaming boards was the Captain Scarlett game. The board was broken into three sections and as you progressed up the motorway the first section was removed, the other two rolled down and then the original added to the end allowing the game to progress!

The painting competition was as busy as ever with some truly great models on display. Definitely enough inspiration for us to make plans for our own painting event later in the year .... watch this space as Rob will be announcing this competition sometime soon!
Dystopian Wars was there of course with many of the new models on show. Some good demo games, which had been made more impressive by the scenery which had been built!

War Machine and 40K were also on display and Sam is the newest member to get started with War Machine, making one of the first purchases of the day! In the 40K universe there was a massive ork apocalypse game being played!


There were quite simply loads of historical games, being sold, played, demonstrated and may of the organisers, traders and visitors really got into character which makes the experience even more fun for the visitors!

Also present were many of the small game systems, Doctor Who which is always popular with me but also now some great figures from many other TV legends including Blake's 7!!! (a definite hit with some of the older children ... myself included!)
With so many demo games to choose from, here is a selection of some the the highlights ...

I thinks it fair to say that everyone had a great day and we certainly be back! For next year however we hope to return as demonstrators as we did in 2011. If anyone wants to be part of next years venture then let us know, also if you have any ideas for what we should demonstrate tell us soon!!! First thoughts are of a massive WWII tank battle, but who knows what we will end up with?

That's about it from Salute 2012, except what trip would be complete without one of us falling foul of the Galactic Empire .... and this years foolish culprit to utter the words 'arn't you a little short for a storm trooper?'

Rob, upsetting both sides of the
 galactic fight at once!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Whats the Rebel Pilot getting his finger ready for!?

  2. Hah, is Aaron asleep in his glasses?