28 Apr 2012

Avacyn Prerelease Shoreham

The Avacyn Restored Prerelease has started in Shoreham! We have a total of 14 players of which 7 are new to the game! Players have sorted through their cards and hopefully built the superior deck of the day and claim the honour of being a prerelease champion! There is an Avacyn and a Griselbrand, let see if he gets cast first and make the biggest impact on the day!

Round One!

Sam becomes the first player to cast a MIRACLE, casting Bonfire of the Damned causing 7 damage to creatures and player!

Tom W.  tries to play with an opening had of just blue lands, and has no luck and fails to draw the plains he needs to cast his creatures, resulting in a quick win to Tom K.

James casts the first Terminus of the day!

Rachel plays the first Legendary Creature and is high fived by nearly all the other players!

At the end of the round 7 seals on the Helvault are broken!

The 7 players all scoring 3 points and therefore joint at the top of the table are: Nathan, Tom K., Simon, Rachel, Sam, Richard and Hibby!

Round Two!

Sam seems to be the man of miracles! He casts Temperol Mastery and gains another turn!

Roy becomes the first winner in the second round and both he and his opponent Luke get to break seals on the Helvault!

Hibby using a life gain deck against a mainly blue control deck seems to be caught in an endless battle! The game eventually finishes becoming the longest game of the morning so far and is immediately followed by the quickest game of the morning 2 minutes and Sam levels it at 1-1! Another quick game and same wins 2-1!

Richard seems to have better luck today than in previous events (no lack of mana so far!) and beats last nights FNM winner Tom K. 2-0!

Dylan is keen to cast Tibalt the only planeswalker open this morning but so far no luck, he checks his deck when his game ends only to find that he had been on the bottom the whole time!

During this round 4 seal were broken and only 6 remain!

The top five after 2 rounds are : 1. Richard, 2. Nathan, 3. Simon, 4. Sam and 5 Tom K.

Round Three! 

At last Tibalt enters the battlefield! Dylan manages to draw for several turns with his +1 ability but Tom K. deals lethal damage with Wolfir Silverheart just before Tibalt and use his -6!

Simon casts Sigarda again, a card that seems to be doing well for him! Only for the man of miracles to do it again and cast Bonfire of the damned from of the top of his deck!

James uses Silverblade Paladin to swing for 10 damage on keep him in the game! He gets his first win of the day and then opens a seal on the helvault!

Rachel manages to cast Avacyn but unfortunately does not get you use her as the game ends next turn!

During this round 5 seals are broken leaving just 1 keeping Avacyn entrapped in the Helvault!

The top 5 after 3 rounds are: 1. Nathan, 2. Simon, 3. Richard, 4. Sam and 5. Tom K.

Round 4!

Players are all refreshed after a 30min lunch break and keen to play the next round, especially with one one seal remaining. Everyone is keen to see what is in the Helvault!

Nathan and Simon are on the top table, but there are 8 players in with a chance to be in the top 2 at the end of the round! So still everything to play for!

A few minutes in to round and Louis gets his 5 achievements and earns the right to break the last seal! At last Avacyn is free! And what is in the Helvault I hear you ask, well .................................. that would spoil it for tomorrow!

Sam cant get get the miracle he needs, and loses to Richard 2-0 in a quick 15 minutes!

Simon wins his 4 round in a row and will definitely be the man to beat going into the last couple of rounds!

Dylan suffers the loss of Tibalt for the first time, but Louis (the breaker of the Helvault) can not do enough damage before the time runs out and the last game of the round finishes on a draw!

After the round finishes the top 5 are: 1. Simon, 2. Nathan, 3. Richard, 4. Tom K.and 5. Tom W. (Places 2-5 are all drawn on 9 points!)

Round 5!

Simon who is currently our leader equips a Moonsilver Spear and uses to great effect in his game against Tom, seems appropriate as this is today's promo card!

Richard faces Roy (both having a good day so far!). Richards chooses to stick with an opening hand of 2 forrests, 3 plains, Voice of the Provinces and Sigarda ... a risk maybe but it pays off and he wins 2-0!

In his first game against Tom W., Nathan has what he describes as the best finish he has ever had!!!
He played a Zealous Conscripts gaining control of a Restoration Angel which had already been Defanged, he then played Cloudshift targeting the angel, when that re-entered without the defang (staying Nathans for the rest of the game, even though that was not that long), he targeted the conscipts which then flickered and Nathan targeted the Goldnight Redememer! Nathan swung with everything and won the game!
Toms comment on this ...... 'It made me weep!'

Avacyn is played by Rachel against Hibby and she quickly gets a win! 2-0

Despite a devastating 5th turn win, where Tom hit with a 8/8 Champion of Lambholt! Simon manages to come back for a 2-1 victory! With one round left can he be beaten?

Round 6 !

Richard is the only player left with a chance of beating Simon and they are drawn against each other in the final round!

Doubles partners for tonight Bourne and Gawn play each other in the final round, no mercy is shown by James winning 2-0 after all 10 minutes!

Second game to finish is Lisa vs Louis, with Lisa winning 2-0; followed closely by Simon and Richard's result!

Hibby can't fend of the all the flying creatures under Tom W.'s control and loses 2-0!

Tom K.'s chance of being in the top two comes to an end losing 2-1 to Nathan!

And the final game to finish the event is Dylan vs Louis which finishes 2-0 to Luke!


14. Louis
13. Dylan
12. James
11. Hibby
10. Roy
9. Lisa
8. Luke
7. Sam
6. Tom K.
5. Tom W.
4. Rachel
3. Richard
2. Nathan

and the winner ..... SIMON!

An excellent performance from Simon, unbeaten all day!!

Get on the agenda is tonight's two headed giant prerelease, a first for Gambit and hopefully something that we will do again! I will let you know how it went on the next blog!

Gary of Team Gambit

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