27 Apr 2012

Buy a Box Promotion - Avacyn Restored

With the prerelease events less than 24 hours away, I thought it was time to talk about the buy a box promotion for Avacyn Restored. If you order a full box of 36 boosters you will receive the following promotional card...

This offer is limited to the first few orders only! A full box will cost you £84 and can be ordered at any time up until the release date of next weekend, you will still be able to get boxes after that point but the price will go up to £90.

If anyone is interested please let me know soon! If want to place an order online then visit the Kids Dreams website.

Also remember tonight is FNM! Why not start you weekend of Magic off to a flying start tonight? The format is MODERN and will be at the Shoreham store!

Just a quick update on the top 10 tournament prize fund! At the end of this year we will be organising our grand tournament which will see Gambits top 10 ranked MTG players trying to become the 2012 grand master! The prize will be one of every promotion card issued this year, currently that stands at 16 cards! If you want to see the cards they are on display in Shoreham store! If you want to get points then the best way to do that is to either attend a prerelease of an FNM event!

Gary of Team Gambit

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