8 Apr 2012

Avacyn Restored Previews

Wizards have unveiled a few cards from Avacyn Restored at the PAX East panel.

First up is Silverblade Paladin, a Human Knight with the new mechanic Soulbond:

White is set to be the colour with the most emphasis in this set as its all about the Humans fighting back against the forces of the night. With Avacyn's return, angels are instilled with new valour and will feature heavily:

Of course Demons are still present on Innistrad:

Demonlord of Ashmouth also reveals that the Undying mechanic from Dark Ascension will appear in the set.

Another new mechanic previewed is Miracle.

That's all for now but stay tuned to the daily mtg site as 'official' previews begin tomorrow.

The biggest preview of the day however; was this:

After months of speculation it appears that Ravnica will be the large block release for October when Scars of Mirrodin rotates out of Standard.

John of Team Gambit


  1. My initial response:
    Sigarda is awesome. I like the new frame on the Thunderous Wrath, I guess that fits with the Miracle draw.
    And Niv Mizzet is gonna kick some again :D Ooo with the reveal of Duel of the Planeswalkers 2013 I wonder if we'll see Niv v. Nicol?
    If they don't I will!

  2. Adam T8:27 pm

    Soulbound looks fun. Miracle is asking to be broken with ponder, scry in the turn before. Also Ravnica! Have to know what happend after the Nephilim were released.

  3. Soulbond I'm not so sure about but miracle seems interesting. I suppose it depends on what else is in the set.

  4. Robbie1:11 am

    Both the new mechanics look really fun and different.
    As for Ravnica, i heard some rumours about that ages ago but wasn't sure, as someone who never got to play in the origional Ravnica block I am looking forward to it as it always seemed interesting.

  5. Adam T8:08 pm

    Yeah there was a rumour around Innistrad's release about the return to ravnica.If they either reprint the shock lands or Dark Confidant I'll be happy. Oh, and Niv-Mizzet as a planeswalker seems legit or that Ral Zarek that's on duels of the planeswalkers.

  6. Presumably you can't cast miracle spells (like the border) if drawn in yoyr opening hand? And needs a degree of honesty if you want to play the cardin your second phase.

  7. Unless there is a miracle card with no miracle cost then you wouldn't be able to cast it from your opening hand.
    With regards to honesty; full rulings will be available at a later date. (The text on the card says nothing about revealing it when you draw)

  8. I would've thought that most peoples poker faces would give away if they drew a miracle or not, prime example: Dom :D but that is certainly a valid issue. I guess we wait to see if wizards sort it before the prerelease'.

  9. I've read the card differently. To cast for the miracle mana cost you must play it WHEN you draw it I.e. Immediately.

    I have a terrible poker face. I play in a ski mask and goggles.

  10. Adam T8:05 pm

    "As you draw an instant or sorcery with miracle, if it's the first card you've drawn this turn, you can immediately reveal it. When you do so, you may cast it for its miracle cost. It doesn't matter whether it's an instant or sorcery; if you choose to cast it, you do so right away, even if it's at a time (such as your draw step) when you couldn't normally cast it. You're not required to reveal a miracle card, even if you could pay for it. You can always choose to just draw it as normal.

    You're allowed to cast the first card you draw each turn if it has miracle, so if you find ways to draw cards during your opponent's turn, you get another chance for a game-breaking, miraculous moment." http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/feature/190a#1

  11. Good to see a lot of discussion, I think this set could be really good! Miracle looks good, I wonder though how many times your going to draw it and either not be able to or want to cast it for the miracle cost! A lot will depend on what other cards have it or what cards cause you to draw!