11 Apr 2012

Bad Weather for the Young Guns

This week a Young Guns we had two more armies join the campaign, Choas Marines and Salamanders, as well as the return of the Eldar. We also had the added complication of extreme weather conditions.

The Chaos took on the Tau Empire on a battlefield torn apart by a vicious vortex storm. Each turn the lethal vortex moved, expanded or split making advancing on the objective very perilous. The Tau lost almost half their troops to the storm before securing the objective and taking the sector.

The Salamanders fought well against the Ultramarines, but with the ground constantly moving with earthquake like tremors, movement was slow and very dangerous. The Ultramarines used their sniper scouts to prevent the Salamander advance and the secured the objective with a Drop Pod assault.

The rapidly expanding Tyranid army took on the Orks with both armies taking cover from lightning bursts that ripped up the battlefield. The thunder louder than any weapon either army encountered in the campaign so far. The Tyranids were simply too quick and claimed another sector!

Chaos Deamons had been reported in a sector just outside of the Imperial Guard borders but as all armies were in need to rations (Easter eggs) they charged into the sector keen to claim it and gather as many rations as possible. Armies made allies and tried to not to betray their new friends. The sector appeared to be rich on much need rations but as they advanced many of these had been either already claimed by deamons which quickly attacked however was unfortunate or had been bobby-trapped causing various types of explosion which claimed several troop units, the Ultramarines captain falling foul of a Vortex mine in the first turn. Some rations had been poisoned and units that found them became so confused that they simply fired on whoever was the closest, which put a severe strain on the already volatile Tau and Tyranid alliance. The Salamanders, Ultra Marines and Chaos Marines all became over run by blood letters and could advance quick enough. The Imperial guard made a deal with the Eldar and between them they managed to clear a route through to main objective and with the Eldars tank immobilised the Guard advanced with their Chimeras and claimed a valuable sector for themselves, but honouring their pack and sharing their bounty with the Eldar.

With the campaign drawing towards its end in the next few weeks, which army will be victorious?

Gary of Team Gambit

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