5 Apr 2012

Full Moon FNM

This weeks FNM will have a special attendance card! It will be a double sided token, on one side is a 1/1 human and on the other is a 2/2 wolf, so most players should have some use for it!

It is also the first of the April FNM's so we have a new winners card, which is 'DISMEMBER' a great card in almost any deck! 

This week we will be in Hove and the format will standard, next week we will be back in Shoreham and again it will be standard! Remember that both these cards will be added to the end of year top 10 play off prize, which currently stands at 13 cards! If you want a chance to win it then you need to get yourself into the top ten. The best way to get points is to play Friday Night Magic! Another great way to get points is to play at a Pre-Release and with 4 events to choose from for the upcoming Avacyn Restored there should be something for everyone! More details on the Pre-Release will follow in the next few day!

Gary of Team Gambit 

1 comment:

  1. Highly anticipating receiving my token(s). Love the artwork on both sides plus; it means I can get one without having to worry about performance!