4 Apr 2012

The Awakening of the Necrons!

This week the league had two new races arrive to fight for victory in the Young Guns Campaign! The Necrons awoke with a large force which saw forces from all the other races (other than the Eldar, who allowed the others to do the work for them!) rally in an attempt to stop the Necron advance into other sectors and reclaim the area for themselves!

In the first few turns the Necrons became the target of all the armies, with the tyranids, ultra marines and Dark Eldar making the most aggressive moves! The Necrons were wiped out thanks mainly to heavy fire from the Imperial Guard and Tau forces and a sweeping close combat advance by the Tyranids. The Ultra Marines suffered heavy loses having only their captain survive the battle, when the Dark Eldar turned on them in the last turn, they themselves only having one unit left! The Tau and Tyranid armies tried to calim the sector for themselves and despite heavy fire again from the Guard which claimed nearly all of the tyranid troops, the Tau battlesuits proved too strong and it left only the Ork army with a chance to claim a victory on the very last turn. The orks not known for their skills with range weapons typically missed and the Tau were victorious!

In battles for other sectors the Guard, Tyranids and Tau all claimed victories. The Necrons have a small force remaining as do the Orks. With everything still play for the fight looks set to get much tougher, deamons have been reported and scanners are picking up very strange atmospheric conditions!

Gary of Team Gambit

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