20 Apr 2012


Today I have received the Helvaults! Yes that's correct I can confirm that we will have a Helvault at both prerelease events!

Unfortunately I still no idea what is inside at they are both sealed ... only by playing the event will we see it open!

If you still need to get your ticket the visit the Kids Dreams website or pop into the store! Spaces on the Shoreham event are limited so book soon!

Tonight's FNM will be at Hove and will be a 3 booster draft event! It starts at 6:30pm, please let me know if your planning to attend as spaces are limited! Each player will get 2 Dark Ascension and 1 Innistrad. The cost is £7.50 per player. The winners will receive one of the FNM promotion cards, but there will be no prize booster as this keeps the cost down for all players!

If you want to know more about the process of draft then have a look at the Wizards website!

Also just a quick update on the new Avacyn release, as I have posted previously that this set promises to be a big hit with me mainly because of the amount of angels, plus the fact that there are two planewalkers, but until now there has been something missing....

That me happy!!! Let us know what you think!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Robbie2:04 pm

    I have heard some crazy rumors about what is in the Helvault and I am very excited to see what is actually inside ^^
    Also, I will definately be comeing to FNM tonight, see you there.

  2. I too await to unleash the secrets of the Helvault.
    The dragon isn't too bad. A 4/4 flying and haste for 4 mana isn't that bad.
    I won't be at the FNM tonight though.

  3. Adam T3:32 pm

    I know what's inside... It was spoiled yesterday but Wizards might take legal action against the store who did it and any site hosting images. If you want to ruin it for yourself I'll tell you tonight. I doubt Gary wants a link on here due to the surprise factor of the event...

  4. Robbie5:32 pm

    yeah I saw a post talking about the spoiling of it and diliberately avoided it, i'm going to try and keep it a suprise if i can, could be hard though :P

  5. yeah I think Im agreeing with Rob, I wanna see when it happeneds :D

    (probably not link it, just for the potential legal action)