22 Apr 2012

Mailing list update

Afternoon All,

Just thought I'd post an update on the current standings of our mailing list. Since it's conception about a month ago it has been steadily increasing with this weeks Friday Night Magic event pushing it to 50, thank you Tom and Simon :D

If you still haven't joined or have only just realised this is happening send a message here, to gambitgamesuk@gmail.com, with the subject; 'I want to be a part of the fun', (only joking, just a normal message will suffice) and your individuality will be added to the collective consiousness.

picard borg

The mailing list will go out every week updating all about that weeks FNM details it will then go out mid way through the month/ last week of the month with details of the sunday games days. If you do not wish to get the Magic FNM emails please specify as such and we will untick that option on your contact. This can be done at any time if you decide one way or the other.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend,

Olly for GGUK

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