30 Apr 2012

Necron Tactics - Update!

A few weeks ago I posted my thoughts on Necrons and how the new codex was changing my army!

Well I have played another game this week with a slightly different army list, to see if it improved the game play.

Thanks to some feedback I have been looking at Triarch Stalkers, these could really change my army in the future. At 150 points I will probably swap out a unit of destroyers as so far these have been very disappointing! I am currently looking in building a stalker, so if anyone has any ideas on suitable models let me know!

The main change that I made to my army for this latest game was to add a royal court. This allowed me to include 3 Crypteks and split them to lead small units of warriors. I choose to give them Eldritch lances which I planned to use to keep enemy tanks at bay whilst the unit could advance up the battlefield. This tactic I liked as I want to keep my army a primarily on foot and make steady progress toward the enemy. Had I had some better dice rolls I think I should have been able to prevent the Wave Serpent from firing as I advanced.  I also choose to run two lords, one on foot and one on destroyer body!

I kept a unit of Destroyers, but they may not be in the list much longer - I lost the whole unit in one round of shooting after they had claimed only one model - not exactly making their points back!!!

The other change was to include a unit of Immortals armed with Tesla Carbines as these are assault weapons with can give extra hits! Combined with a lord this unit proved very successful at short range! I thinks that they would have performed even better if I had not forgotten to move them on the third turn, meaning I could not assault the Eldar Pathfinders!!!! A rookie mistake that could have cost the game!

All in all however a much better performance, the game resulted in a draw, although I did help that by a stray shot from my Monolith taking out an entire unit of warriors! I also completely under estimated to effectiveness of a unit of Howling Banshees - being an Eldar player I should have known better!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Tell me if Im wrong, but you cant ''arc'' with the Immortals'tesla...only with the the tesla destructor on the Annihilation Barge.

    1. Yes your right the arc only works on the destructor! Although I still think that the Immortals are a good unit choice! (I will update the amend the article!) Thanks

  2. Just a quick update, having used my basic list and winning against Blood Angels and Daemons, it is definitely working better! Immortals are really performing well and the Crypteks really add a much needed punch! Scarabs have finally started to perform for me making quick work of tanks as expected!