2 May 2012

Blood Bowl - The New Season!

The blood bowl season for this year has finally started, and the first game has been played! The Naggaroth Starstealers and the Axylotl 49ers also became the first teams to play at Kids Dreams in Shoreham!

The game started and neither team seemed to take the early initiative. The 49ers eventually broke free of the Dark Elf lines after the Starstealers failed to make there charge pay off. the normally agile elves finding it hard to  keep hold of the ball or even stay on their feet. The half time score was 1-0 to the Axylotl 49ers!

The second half was very close, but although the lizardmen were unable to cause much damage to the elves, the  Stealers started to make every block count and sent 4 skinks off injured! With a lack of quick players the 49ers could not stop the dark elves scoring the equaliser late in the second half. The full time score 1-1.

Gary of Team Gambit

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