25 Apr 2012

The Planet Mattopia!!!

The young guns campaign came to a dramatic finish on Wednesday! The top three races, the armies that had scored the most points and claimed the most sectors played out the final battle! A battle which would eventually see the planet controller by one race!

The Tyranids, Tau and Imperial Guard all sent elite units to a sector which was known to be the location of a powerful alien artifact. This artifact would allow its controller to dominate the planet (known only as PZ191) and secure all remaining sectors. The only problem was that the sector was extremely dangerous, potentially causing wounds at the beginning of every turn! These units were protected inside sealed domes safe but unable to claim the objective. The main forces of the armies had to break the lines of the other forces and release their elite unit to try and claim the ultimate prize!

The game was extremely close and both the Tyranids and Imperial Guard managed to release their units! These two units fought each other and had to fend of the dangerous terrain and despite heavy loses on both sides a winner was eventually found! Matt's Imperial Guard finally claimed the objective for the Emperor!

The campaign has been great fun to organise and the players have all really got enthusiastic about the fight for planet PZ191! We have had 13 players in total joining in with the campaign a various stages and impressively 11 races have been represented!

From next week the Young guns club will start to prepare for Double Week which starts at the end of May, kicking off with the 40K Doubles tournament on Sunday May 28th by launching a series of small doubles games to form a league which would conclude in Double Week!

Gary of Team Gambit

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  1. Good work Matt and good work to Gary, I was present for a bit on that Young guns day and all the kids seemed to be really enjoying themselves.