4 May 2012

Aprils Club Day Round Up and Avacyn Restored in Hove

Once more we find ourselves at the end of the month club day. This time as promised we were also running the Avacyn Restored Prerelease. This was the view after set-up...

But it quickly turned into this....

We had a massive Warhammer Fantasy Battle Magic game on the go at the top of the hall, featuring club veterans Swifty and Kevin.


At the same time, the Red Dust Planet was being fought over by a Space Marine Force and Chaos in a 'Dawn of War' 'Capture and Control' game.

We also had a large contingent of 'Young Guns' fighting over a battle wrecked outpost.

In the rumble of a lone church on the eastern fringes of the imperium we find Scott's Eldar led by Eldrich taking on Pete's brand new Tau force.

Eldrich is taking on a
whole squad of Kroot!
Apparently he kills 3 and
the rest run of the board!

On the next table we find Mike and Colin preparing for the coming 40k Doubles against a..... army in a time warped medieval village.

Aaron found himself in the catering core this month giving Zoe back up.

After Eldrich had dispatched the greater good they then formed an uneasy alliance to take on a singular yet twice as strong 'Young Gun'. Giving onlookers a possible hint as to plans for the previously mentioned 40k doubles and Rob and Micheal took on Battle Tech once more. (pictures unfortunatly missing)

War Machine kept the battle raging on the village board.


That is unfortunately all I can show you of the day as I spent the rest of my time engrossed in the prerelease tournament, sorry. It was a very good tournament though. Gary has previously mentioned a little of what happened. We had a large amount of players new to our prerelease's and indeed new to the game in general. A few of the regular faces were unable to attend which was a shame, but we shall see them again. So without further a do, tournament details....

As per usual each prerelease is different, some people thought it would be a slow event but actually the amount of little creatures and the new 'Soulbond' mechanic meant that games were on the whole a lot quicker, at times a little to quick. I had a couple of games in which I didn't get enough land and by the time I was able to get back in the game it was all over.

The tournament was slightly over shadowed, literally rather than figuratively by this thing

The cardboard monolith stood ominously over the battlefield, players watching and waiting in anticipation. It would only open when players performed enough challenges during the day.

After the forth round what would be the final check of achievement cards showed that enough challenges had been completed. The momentous task of breaking the final seal fell upon Ryan. 

'The young Cathar approached the colossal shard of silver. His heart was still yet his soul was restless, for he knew that inside lay both the planes salvation and its destruction. He steeled himself, knowing that every battle he had fought that morning had led to this moment.'

'The final seal had been broken. Both hope, and despair, had been unbound.'

'The Helvault opened and there was much rejoicing.'

Inside were double sided tokens one side showing a 4/4 Angel with flying the other, depicting a 5/5 flying Demon. The Helvault also contained 20 sided die and a 'Commander' sized army of Grislebrand, Avacyn and her angelic lieutenants.

After all that excitement players were then focused once more on the task of victory and for the final two rounds the table chopped and changed, overall victory could have quite easily been in one of six different players grasps, but this is the final standings.....

1. Nathan
2. Craig
3. Tom
4. Dom
5. John
6. Andrew
7. Robert
8. Olly
9. Chris Sisley
10. David
11. James
12. Nick
13. Chris Sherrin
14. Darren
15. Gary
16. Becky
17. Richard
18. Gareth
19. Richard Cooley
20. Will
21. Matt
22. Joshua Sisley
23. Ryan
24. Martin
25. Charlie
26. Josh Mongomery
27. Rakesh
28. Katie

Congratulations are in order for Nathan, but all players as well, as everyone played exceptionally well and fairly through out the day.


This was not the last of the day however, a break for dinner, then a Magic draft. The battles in the rest of the hall fell quiet, tables were being collapsed although the draft continued till late the club as a whole was done.

I hope this fills in most of what happened this club day, I'm sure we've missed something so if you want to add anything; info/ bragging/ photos, stick it in the comments or the facebook and we'll see you next time.

Roaming reporters John and Olly :D

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  1. Robbie4:21 pm

    T'was a great tournement, although was there a single person there not playing white? it was fairly ridiculous :P

    How did the draft go afterwards?

    1. It went really well, I will post the result by tomorrow! I think there were a couple not using white but not many!

  2. I started off using white but then swapped to Jund colours after round 1. Dom actually had a mono-white deck supplemented with artefacts.