4 May 2012

Update on Avacyn Restored Prerelease!

I have already given the results for the two main prereleases held last weekend, however there were two other events which also added important ranking points for players on the gambit database!

The Two Headed Giant Event held on Saturday!

Only a small turnout for this event, but great fun none the less! The team aspect really changed the format and trying to build two decks from 8 boosters that work well together is harder than it seems!

Final standings were:

1st   Tom and Richard
2nd  Nathan and Nick
3rd   Olly and Gary
4th   James and Roy

We will be running a two headed giant for the next one so make sure you book a space! It will be a simple one game round next time to speed things up as best of three in 45 minutes is a little tight!

The Draft held on Sunday night!

16 Players for this event which was great! This allowed two drafting pods or groups if you would prefer! As the set was new and we allow players to take home the cards they opened, it took a while at the end to get things sorted out so there might be a slight change for next time! The event went on late into the evening, with us leaving the hall at 10:30pm!

It was great to have Aaron playing competitive magic again and probably a nice break from being in the kitchen, and Simon and Adam just managed to make it in time, taking the total player at one of our Avacyn Restored prereleases to 40, a new high for the club!

A great event however and quite close in the top placings! A really good way to finish off what had been a really friendly and spirited prerelease!

Final standings were:

1st   Tom (Scoring 40 points across all four events)
2nd  Nathan (Scoring 45 points across all four events)
3rd   Simon
4th    John
5th    Martin
6th    Dom
7th    Richard (Scoring 36 across all four events)
8th    Adam
9th    Chris
10th  Craig
11th  Darren
12th  Joshua
13th  Nick
14th  Becky
15th  Aaron
16th  Gareth

As you can see by Richard, Tom and Nathans score playing in all four events really helps improve your ranking points, Tom is already upto 11th after only playing in a couple of FNM's and the prereleases!
Rankings will be updated tomorrow after the FNM result is in!

Oh, and I almost forgot the was also the junior prerelease!!! Our two youngest MTG players ..... my kids Jake (8) and Lily (6) both enjoyed there first game with the new set!

Lily is becoming almost as big a fan of angels as I am!

Thanks again to all the players to making it such a great event!

Gary of Team Gambit

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