11 May 2012


This weeks FNM is in Shoreham and will start around 6pm! It is standard again this week so another chance to make use of the Avacyn Restored cards! 

I have a few of the Launch Party Cards left, so the top 8 will also get a Restoration Angel!

Top prize fund for the end of year tournament went up to 18 cards, and with the top 10 getting very close, FNM points are going to make a big difference! Remember the more you play the more points you get!

With Hove store closing at the end of the month, we will lose our advance store status! What does this mean you may ask! Well access to things like the Hellvault at the recent prereleases, the amount of promotion cards we receive, amount of prereleases we can run and access to special events such as the M13 celebration are all effected by our status! So to ensure that we keep the current level of support from Wizards we need to make Shoreham an advanced setting, to do this I need to sign up a further 25 players. If you know anyone who might be interested in playing an receiving a free 30 card deck then get them to pop in!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Serena Fuschi4:40 pm

    Is it really closing? D:

    1. Hove store is unfortunately closing, but we will still be playing FNM and a casual night (day to be confirmed) in Shoreham!